The Reward for Surviving Rough Seas

The Reward for Surviving Rough Seas
We are all like sea shells tossed about in rough waters and being re-shaped in wondrous ways. But have you ever contemplated the notion that sea shells have to complete their journey through the rough waters before they get to rest on the shore? Yeah, we are ALL like sea shells and Heaven is The Great Shore.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trapped Inside the Salad Spinner of Life...

Greetings Everybody,

Have you ever in your whole life just announced that for the next 30 seconds you were NOT going to speak, or listen, or do anything?

I did that today.

Looked at my class, then looked at the clock on the wall, then looked back at my class, and then said " I need 30 Seconds of Peace!"

And that for the next 30 Seconds I was Totally Still and Totally Silent.

When I saw that they were looking at me kinda funny, I just closed my eyes.

(Don't Student Teacher was in the room watching them.  So it wasn't as bad as it sounds lol)

Anyway, I took my 30 Seconds of Peace.

And after it was over... I explained myself.

I told them that this week has been spinning out of control and I just needed to make things STOP.

And  I told them that the only way I knew how to do that was to just FREEZE for about 30 seconds.

BASICALLY...This week has felt like I was...

"Trapped Inside 
the Salad Spinner of LIFE 
while some vicious Genie 
had me on a Permanent Spin Cycle." 

Sometimes ya just gotta reach out and see if you can kick the Genie ...and somehow find a way to hit the STOP button on the thing.

So that's what I did today.

Furthermore, I believe that we need to teach our kids to do that sometimes too.

They need to know how to cope with pressure and deadlines and obligations...while still taking care of themselves physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

It's a major life skill.

I am glad that they saw me take a wee bit of time to   "re-focus" myself by "un-busy-ing" myself.

Yeah Today I not only kicked the Genie and hit the STOP Button

...I got my sanity back too.

LOL, and if it's all the same to you guys, I think I'll SKIP the Salad option on my supper tonight.

I'm afraid it would seem somewhat "cannibalistic"  in light of my recent escape from the inside of that Salad Spinner. 

Afterall, I WASN'T Alone In There Ya KNOW!!! A few of the other "trapped ones" in there are friends of mine:)LOL

In Him,


Betsy said...

I wish 30 seconds would do it for me! I need about 24 hours. ha.

Grace said...

30 seconds is the BARE MINIMUM for sure. Really could have used more time than that but I dared not try for anything longer with a class full of high school kids watching me. Didn't want to end up being the top story on the evening news lol.

For the record though...I need some BEACH!

In Him,