The Reward for Surviving Rough Seas

The Reward for Surviving Rough Seas
We are all like sea shells tossed about in rough waters and being re-shaped in wondrous ways. But have you ever contemplated the notion that sea shells have to complete their journey through the rough waters before they get to rest on the shore? Yeah, we are ALL like sea shells and Heaven is The Great Shore.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lessons From Snail School

Greetings Everybody,

Say Hello To "My Little Friend". 

He has a few simple lessons he learned in Snail School that he wants to share today.

Golfball-sized Snail in the grass outside our condo on Maui in June of 2010

Lesson #1  Salt is bad for you.
Lesson #2  Melted butter is not your friend.  
Lesson #3 You will never get anywhere in this
life if you don't EXTEND yourself.

Just thought I'd Share :)

In Him,

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