The Reward for Surviving Rough Seas

The Reward for Surviving Rough Seas
We are all like sea shells tossed about in rough waters and being re-shaped in wondrous ways. But have you ever contemplated the notion that sea shells have to complete their journey through the rough waters before they get to rest on the shore? Yeah, we are ALL like sea shells and Heaven is The Great Shore.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Creative Tuesday: Paradise Island Retreat

Greetings Everybody,
Ok...I"m in.
Gonna submit a Creative Tuesday Paradise entry. 
As art goes, its really pretty awful lol.  
But, as I might have mentioned, nobody EVER accused me of having the ability to draw well. lol.

Anyway, I am fairly confident that you won't have a CLUE what this is Unless I tell you.
Scratch that.

I think that I will have to SHOW YOU.

Soooooo......Let's go to Hawaii.

Specifically, the Island of Maui.

And let's drive to the VERY top of the Haleakala Volacano that is 10 thousand feet in the air.
And let's look down inside the caldera of that dormant volcano and see the peaks, and  the points that at one time were spewing lava.

It's all hardened lava structures now, and it is mesmerizing.

And let's look out to the horizon and barely be able to tell where the sea stops and the sky begins.

THAT'S what you are about to see.

Now I only have a little Kodak point and shoot camera...and I had to magnify this photo for you to be able to see the inside floor of that caldera...and the color of the sky in the background suffered from the magnification.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

First...the iPAD illustration of the Haleakala caldera:

Now ...the real thing:)
You are looking into the pit, the caldera, after the top of the volcano has been blown off...
This thing is massive.
If you further enhance it, you can see a tiny road.
The colors are amazing.

This was a slice go to this island, and ride up to 10 thousand feet in order to see Gods ocean and sea and the remains of this volcano... and to know that My God is the CREATOR of it all.

Like I always say " God, you sure do make pretty things!"

In Him,


Betsy Brock said...

Ok Grace, you're selling yourself way too short! You are becoming the iPad art queen! lol! I think this is better than the cupcake! Love how you did the sandy beach...and the waves. Wish I was there right now! Let's go! Paradise for sure! :)

laurie said...

its beautiful, your interpretation is beautiful, please don't be so hard on yourself!I wish I was there too!

Wanda said...

Grace, Grace, Grace...give yourself a little "Grace" HaHa.

I join Betsy and Laurie, you are way more talented than you give yourself credit...

I love this, and I've been there and seen it in person, and you really captured the feeling.

Good job...God created it, you painted it...what a nice combination..

You go Girl!!!!!

Grace said...

awwww YOU guys rock!!!
THANKS Betsy, Laurie and Wanda.


>>>(Insert Cheesy Grin Here)

Grace said...

Oh yeah, Betsy, Laurie &Wanda...could any one of please help me with trying to do a link to the Creative Tuesday thingy.

I have never done a link in my life, and am techno-gapped in this area...and feel kinda remedial about not knowing how to do this.

Thanks guys...again...You Rock!!!

In Him,

LadyCat said...

Hi Grace, I love your interpretation of the volcano. I am so impressed with your creativity with your ipad. The volcano is so amazing. And I agree that it is so awesome to see the ocean go on forever into the horizon in Hawaii. It's hard to grasp the beauty.
I don't know if you figured out how to link to Mmmm's Ct page yet. But here's hoe I do it.
While in your post layout, click on "link" at the top. Type in the word that you want people to click on in the top box. Go to Mmmm's page and copy his url address and type in on the second blank. Then hit save. Hope this helps : )

Christine said...

beautiful interpretation and the real thing is breathtaking, thanks for sharing!

MMm.. said...

Yhank you Grace for giving this another go! Yes, i can def tell waht it is, but that is not the point of art anyway--as much as expression of the artist. :) Amazing you do this in an iPad! Ha.

BTw, you still need to add a link to Creative tuesday in your post. When signing up on Ct, please normally link to the post with your artwork itself so if people go look at it later they can find it and not the home page. All you have to d is click on the title of the post itself once published then copy and paste the URL (website address) in browser field at top.

Again, thanks for your addition! Keep playing with it and enjoy the exploration which is what CT is about.

Fred Rutherford said...

This is really nice. Great write up as well. I definitely wouldn't have guessed what it was, but that's only because I've never been or seen this wonderful scenery before. I like how much detail you were able to get down on the Ipad, that's impressive and really like how your painting holds much of the photo in there, and it'd be boring if it was just a painted duplicate of the photo, your painting holds truth enough, yet allows the viewer the ability to interpret the painting for themselves as their mind's eye sees fit. Keep drawing, it's very fun and you did a very nice job here. Thanks

Grace said...

Lady Cat and MMm...thank you so very much for the instructions on how to do the link to Creative Tuesday.

I have printed the instructions that each of you posted,and tried several times to them, and am almost in tears now, because I feel so utterly inadequate at this seemingly simple task.

At present I remain UNLINKED...sigh.

Sorry to have boggled what is obviously a simple task.
Have I mentioned that technology often brings out the 2 year old in me? And I am apt to get quite frustrated when I don't understand how to work with it lol.

Anyway, Thanks for Trying. And later today I MYSELF shall try again to get this link thing to work.

Blessings to you and yours.

In Him,

Grace said...

Thanks for taking the time say something about the CT post. :)
And you are right, the scene IS breathtaking...and its cold up there.

I mentioned that to Fred this morning when I responded to his post too. Most folks are shocked at how cold it is up there since you are sitting on a tropical Island and its sunny and warm at the shore.

But at 10K feet in the air, its a might nippy and if you go up there in beachware you won't be staying long. lol. a bit of trivia...

The Parks Services people will let you CAMP in the caldera. YUP. I haven't done it...but you can hike down there and camp.
NO water.
No potty's.
You have to take everything you need down there as you hike, and you have to bring back everything...including waste and waste paper used for "necessary" times.

I can't imagine camping there.

You probably know this already, but others who are reading this might not. So hey, I'm on a roll here, why not continue lol

...the Hawaiians call Haleakala "The House of the Sun", because as the sun rises in the mornings, the beams hit the caldera (full of hardened lava which has a high metal content), and the caldera takes on a glow.
And at a certain point as the sun is rising, it appears to be rising OUT of the caldera.

Pretty cool huh!

God is totally AMAZING!!!

In Him,

Christie DescribeHappy said...

Cool interpretation of a beautiful place! I enjoyed the colors you painted with!

Heather said...

really cool! I need an i-pad! so fun!

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Grace, this is such a wonderful interpretation and it's quite true what MMm says it is the expression of the artist. I would not know where to start with an iPad, so good for you. There is a lot more work out there done in this media now.

Thank you for taking the tine to visit my blog and leaving such lovely comments.