The Reward for Surviving Rough Seas

The Reward for Surviving Rough Seas
We are all like sea shells tossed about in rough waters and being re-shaped in wondrous ways. But have you ever contemplated the notion that sea shells have to complete their journey through the rough waters before they get to rest on the shore? Yeah, we are ALL like sea shells and Heaven is The Great Shore.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Irish Triplets!!!_We should have bought stock in Pampers:)

Greetings Everybody,
Since I am now back from my "blog sabbatical", it seems we have some 
catching up to do:)
For those of you who might remember, when last we spoke, I had two grandchildren...but now its three.

According to The Urban Dictionary, my daughter has Irish Triplets.
"Three children born of a mother one right after another. A very derogatory term, the slur was actually a triple-whammy, implying that the Irish were more likely to bear children in quick succession because of the Catholic Church's proscription of birth control, less likely to restrain themselves from procreating, and unable to understand the proper meaning of the terms "twins" and "triplets."  " 

As it happens, our family is neither 
Irish nor Catholic, and though the term
 "Irish Triplets" is probably very offensive to many people... apparently the term is still quite commonly used. 
Go Figure!
Meanwhile, The Reader's Digest version of how I became a Grandmother 
of 3 kids goes like this:
My daughter had 3 full term pregnancies.
All 3 of the babies are under the age of 3. 
None of the pregnancies were "accidents".

I do have to say that my daughter handles being a stay at home mom like a pro.

She is patient, relaxed, and impressively organized.

She has an awesome grasp of Einsteins Theory of Relativity and how time runs differently in some dimensions (like a 3 baby household).

My son-in-law does his share of the household chores and totally steps up to the 
duties of cooking supper and cleaning up dishes when he gets home from work, 
so that my daughter can have some time off from her work too.

They impress me with their approach to life.
I am very proud of them.
And I totally smitten with those babies. daughter says that at any given moment it's highly likely 
that at least one of her kids bottoms needs a clean diaper... because her kids 
seem to think that making poopie diapers is a competitive event lololol.
She cracks me up!!!

Thanks for reading:)



Christine said...

Oh how I understand your view of being a Grandma!
My daughter has four, planned children, 7,4,3,1.

You and I could write a book!

Grace said...

lol Christine...yes we could!